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Caliverde Angus

A Family Owned Ranch


We started CaliVerde with the purchase of a farm near Lascano Rocha in 2014. We spent our early years on our family farm in Iowa raised Hereford cattle. We decided to buy in Uruguay because of the beautiful landscape and the opportunity to enjoy the culture and people of Uruguay. Returning to the cattle business had always been on our minds and a move to South America seemed to be the right move. 

In 2015 we began out pedigree Angus with the purchase of some key heifers from what we consider the best genetic producers in South America. We then imported embryos from the United States. 


David Kalainoff


Paul Kalainoff

Our Strategy is to combine the best genetics from Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States. We will always focus on cattle that can exel in Uruguay. Cattle need to be moderate in frame, deep ribbed, long and wide. The dry Uruguay summer necessitates cattle that have capacity to consume enough grass to maintain their condition. 

IMG_8184 (1).gif

Nacho Bonomi



We started CaliVerde Angus in 2015 when we purchased two heifers from El Yungue Angus that were sired by a famous American Angus bull called Net Worth. Over the years we have added cattle from Modelo Angus and La Trinidad Red Angus (we purchased seven mature cows at the La Trinidad dispersal).

In 2018 we imported over 100 embryos from the United States. There were the following groups of embryos:​

Fink Gnetics - Black Angus embryos sired by Resource, Capitalist and Payweight​

Kal-Kota - Red angus embryos sired by Norseman King, Detour and Shoco Data​

Pinebank - Black embryos sired by an Australian bull named Pinebank 731.

Pinebank Genetics are noted to be highly efficient on grass

In 2019 we also purchased 1/3 interest in a Red Angus Bull Mastermind 258. Mastermind 258 semen is available at Gensur. Our focus at CaliVerde is the production of genetics that apply most effectively in Uruguay. We have select bulls from Argentina, United States and Uruguay that are moderate in height, big ribbed, long and wide. Working bulls need to be able to retain weight while working in dry conditions in the Uruguay summer. 

Herd Sires

Herd Sires

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One of the most famous bulls ever produced at Schaff Angus Valley in North Dakota. He produces calves that are long, wide and deep with exceptional growth.

One of the most unique bulls to be produced in America in the last 10 years by a top S breeder. Very moderate frame, very deep, long and wide. A muscular power bull that has made his genetic mark around the world. 

Venture 403.jpg

An excellent long deep ribbed calving ease black bull from one of the best breeders in the United States. Excellent calving ease EPDs. 

Red Angus bull from Argentina with excellent growth. A long, deep and wide bull - the prototype we liked.


An excellent long deep ribbed calving ease black bull from one of the best breeders in the United States. Excellent calving ease EPDs. 

Female Donors


SAV Net Worth Daughter we purchased from El Yungue


Net Worth Daughter we purchased from Modelo Angus (Uruguay) & Rubeta (from Argentina). She has red genetics too.


SAV Net Worth Daughter we purchased from El Yungue


Net Worth Daughter we purchased from La Trinidad Red Angus dispersal. She is the most fertile donor. She has excellent phenotype producing wide calves.


Quebrantador Daughter we purchased at La Trinidad Red Angus dispersal. She has an exceptional phenotype and has produced calves. 

Female Donors


2020 Rocha Expo - recorded the second highest sale bull (Connealy Caoitalist some) at the auction. Many other CaliVerde bulls were high sellers

Trienta y Tres - CaliVerde 18 month old bulls (SAV Resource sons) won the reserve pen of the three award.


2020 Lascano - recorded the highest selling bull (SAV resource son) at the auction. Several other CaliVerde bull sold well.

In October 2021 we had the first CaliVerde Angus auction at the ranch near Lascano, Rocha




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